Sep 22

Experience vs. Evidence

What is more important to the future of science, evidence or experience?

[dropcap type=”squared”] T [/dropcap]he history of parapsychology started with investigations of experiences from apparitions, near-death, psychic phenomena, and mediumship. Information about psychic and spiritual events were based off of these experiences and used to explain the range of human being. The study of psi phenomena in a laboratory is directly related with the definition and development of paranormal experiences. There is both a scientific and a spiritual movement that pushes the field of parapsychology. In the past century, the study of psychic phenomena has shifted its emphasis from spontaneously occurring psychic happenings to laboratory research under controlled conditions. Over the past two decades interest has shifted back toward field investigations, which has developed new research methods. Bringing field research into the laboratory can change the nature of the experience. Parapsychologists are now pursuing the idea of applying what we already know about psi to real life situations. We’ll use our knowledge of the evidence and experience to develop the function and understanding of how the psi phenomena works.
The future of science is looking for ways to incorporate new technology that develops ideas in physics, quantum mechanics, parapsychology, and other fields. This means building on the history of scientific discovery, and expanding our horizons to incorporate new ideas that may bring us an understanding of the phenomena. Multiple meta-analysis on ESP, effects of electromagnetic fields, common characteristics of near-death experiences, seem to provide evidence that something is happening. Using both quantitative and qualitative research utilizes the skills of researchers to increase the quality data collection. Results can be detailed and examples from the participants’ provide for a presentation of information that can be understood by the reader.

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