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What is an Authentic Extraterrestrial Contact?

Over the years I have had trouble looking over what are know to be extraterrestrial contact cases. It seems like the phenomena itself has been changing by the decade and has had some influence on the stories that we hear about in the public. It’s tough for someone to judge just one contact experience by itself but I’ve always found that when different and unrelated sources have the same experience, thats where we need to start paying attention.

For example, I have always been skeptical of abduction cases and experiecnes where people have been trasported onto craft and had surjical procedures performed on their bodies. But after loking at multiple transcriptions and other researchers who have done their due diligance I am convinced that there is something to those experiences after all.

I recently took a class a the Duke OLLI program by a UFO researcher named David Halperin. His class was especially interesting because throughout the last century there have been an enormous amount of reports of contact with extraterrestrials but the phenomena itself has changes throughout the years. It has gone from UFO sightings, abductions, to experiences with grays, to out of body experiences, to balls of light, to dreams with contact. It was interesting to hear about how confusing this was to the people who were researching this over the past 30-40 years because even they could not identify what exactly is going on.

Personally, when I read about experiences, I am more inclined to pay attention when the experience has an out-of-body element to it because to me it would seem more authentic that the communication would take place in that state. It’s like extraterrestrials are guiding us to become aware of our ability to leave the body and open up our awareness and consciousness to this aspect of ourselves. But it’s not happening on a mass scale, only a small number of people are experiencing this and are revealing it to others. There has been a stigma previously for those who have spoken about this, and that has been that they are crazy or not telling the truth. I’ve found that these people usually have more to lose by revealing it than they do if keeping it to themselves because of the ridicule they go through from friends, family, and colleagues.

Astral projection could be a key to contact extraterrestrials but I also believe that the ones out there are actually in control of the contact experience and that they are choosing who to contact for a specific reason unbeknownst to the contracted. We may never know the true intent in our lifetime and that is the true mystery in all of this.

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