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Extra Sensory Perception 101

Extra Sensory Perception 101

Extra sensory perception(ESP) over the years has baffled many scholars. How many times have we run to the doorbell, knowing even before opening the door, who it is? The innumerable times that we guess what the other person is going to say before they actually say it. These occurrences have become too common to receive little more than a hearty laugh, but what if they point to the existence of something more complex. What if the proof for ESP already exists?
Extra sensory perception, also commonly referred to as The Sixth Sense, is unlike any of our other five senses. It is not bound by physical barriers or anatomical locations. Over the years, philosophers have defined it as the knowledge not received by any physical sense, but perceived by the mind. It includes all that information which a person can send beyond the regular five senses of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. The term broadly encompasses two basic phenomena; Telepathy and Clairvoyance.
Basically, Telepathy is a Greek word literally meaning distant perception. First coined by the founder of the `Society of Psychical Research’ Frederic W.H Myers. In simple terms, it means the ability to read another’s mind. Yes, many of us have been accused of doing so, but what does the term actually signify? Telepathy is the ability of an individual to transmit information stored in their brains to another, without the utilization of any physical interaction or sensory channel. In Telepathy, distance and time are of no value.

It can be defined as the ability of an individual to perceive information regarding a person, location, object or physical event with the aid of extra sensory perception, allowing the individual to see beyond, which is usually perceptible to the normal eye. Clairvoyance is split into three classes according to the basic features of the ability in question.

  • Precognition; the ability which allows a person to predict what the futures holds.
  • Retro cognition; the ability which enables the seer to look at the long gone past.
  • Remote Viewing; the ability to perceive the contemporary events going on outside of the normally perceivable visual access.

Scientific Background:
Extra sensory perception, the word was first used in 1870 by Richard Burton. However, these experiences have been recorded as far back as the biblical times. Many psychics claim to have the ability of clairvoyance even to this day. Reports have also been recorded in the spiritualist era dating back to late 19th and early 20th century. Nevertheless, the efforts to establish an extra sensory perception as a scientifically accepted phenomenon has been fruitless so far.
J.B Rhine, a parapsychologist from the Duke, University of North Carolina, was the first scientist to actually take extra sensory perceptions to the laboratory. With his wife, he devised a test based on different symbols on cards called Zener Cards. The goal was simple, the test subject had to guess whatever card the `sender’ was looking at from the series.
From the data compiled using the results, J.B Rhine stated a score higher than what could be attributed to chance alone, concluding the existence of extra sensory perception. Further experimentation by different other physiological departments, however, failed to achieve the same results as Rhine’s. This forced the scientific community to associate extra sensory perception with self-delusions and fraud.
However, recently more evidence, enlightening extra sensory perceptions has come into the open. Evidence pointing to the existence of extra sensory perception. Also, side by side, science is also beginning to realize that the consciousness and the brain are two completely different aspects of a human. All these advances have given us a ray of hope. The hour might be near when the scientists of the western world will finally acknowledge the ancient, mystical beliefs of the east. The time it takes for that day to arrive, well now that would be worth looking into.
Now comes the big question? Can we replicate it? Or more importantly, how do we do it? Contrary to the popular belief and understandings, a person can learn to commute via telepathic abilities. The necessary attribute is belief. Once you have that, half of your journey may already be covered. To communicate via Telepathy, you have to; believe with every last piece of your heart that it will work and find a person who is equally willing to do also.
Start meditating, perform yoga, try to calm yourself and separate your inner self from your physical body, focusing truly only on the message you are trying to convey. Seat your receiver directly opposite you and try to create, what is called an energetic bond. This is done by interacting with the receiver in question. Ask them simple questions. Things like what their favorite color is, what their favorite clothes are and so on. As the bond forms, try reading their mind before they actually answer and perceive any feeling of warmth or cold which might accompany. Once the bond form, it is bound to last for a certain period of time. The period could be days, weeks or even months and still exist irrespective of the distance between you and the receiving person.
Now you are ready to send the actual message. Begin by calming yourself, meditate again, try to find your true inner peace. Visualize the person you are trying to reach, their height, their hair, the color of their eyes, every detail matters. The next step is to focus all the brain power you have to create the image of the message you are trying to portray. Imagine a silver tube connecting you with the receiving person and with all the will force you can muster, send your message down the tube to be received at the other end by the designated person. Belief is the key for the process to work successfully, you have to truly believe that the information you transmitted will be delivered. These are the rules of Telepathy.

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