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The Astral Mind

The Astral Mind

The modern day question on astral projection is whether or not consciousness is actually traveling outside the body or is the mind becoming more aware of its surroundings? Is your astral body traveling, moving, and actually going to a place in which a real time event was described. Do you access it in your mind by the process likened to a near-death experience or a dream? Astral travelers  describe a process that usually takes place outside the confines of a physical body but still having awareness of it back home resting on the bed.
What does the astral mind contain? The brain, the physical body, the astral body, and the entire perceived reality of the present moment. It may also connect with the minds of other human beings or even with the earth itself. Cosmic consciousness is a state of awareness in which the collective unconscious becomes accessible; the collective unconscious becomes the collective consciousness. A network of thoughts that can become ultimately aware, each mind becomes a part of a greater whole. The astral mind is linked with all life throughout the universe, and there exists a single mind or connection, which is restricted by each living being within its own mind. When we become aware we are actually experiencing a pure unfiltered consciousness, free from any brain interference. If we are able to bypass those brain distractions our experiences can give us a closer spiritual connection.
Enlightenment is a word that is hard to define. Enlightenment implies a state of detachment from the ego, and a state of awareness in which consciousness is fully engaged in the self. To fully realize the existence of ourselves as we truly are. The idea of enlightenment has much in common with astral projection and cosmic consciousness. Astral projection is not just a way of having a powerful personal and spiritual experience; it is a step toward a deeper spiritual understanding of oneself. It can bring about great life changes including a sense of peace, compassion, and creativity. In the past, the spirit and the mind were generally seen as one. The astral mind as a concept is a modern idea of that notion of the mind and spirit being one and having pure awareness.

-Our mind, body, and spirit together is an interconnected consciousness that is able to become aware of dimensions outside our physical universe.-


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  1. Antonio Salguero

    ___Hola Tyler.
    ___Está muy bueno tu artículo sobre la Mente Astral, pues utilizas un nombre algo parecido al que yo utilizo en el desarrollo de mi teoría de la “Mente Simultánea”.
    ___Al aspecto que tú mencionas sobre la mente humana actuando en formato astral, yo la eplico como una de las dos mentes que actúan en simultáneo en el Ser Humano. Ella es la “Mente Cuántica”, pues puede mostrarnos distintos aspectos del tiempo y del cosmos (más allá del Universo físico) pues está inmersa en nuestro cuerpo no-material (le llaman cuerpo astral, o Alma). Éste a su vez está compuesto por partículas elementales de no-materia que tienen propiedades del tipo cuántico, como el de estar conscientes en más de un lado a la vez, desdoblarse, viajar a mayor velocidad que la luz, etc.
    ___Gracias amigo por tu explicación. Un gran abrazo

  2. Keefer

    Do you think there’s a relationship between psychedelic drugs and these meditations? Also I feel like the 7 bodies are interfered with by the presence of technology and other humans/ energy’s/ etc For instance being around people is bad for your personality because you take on traits of the other people and your consciousness is somewhat muddled..

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