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History of The Astral Plane

Astral Plane, also known as Astral Dimension is an existence postulated by Medieval, Classical, mystery religions, and Esoteric Philosophies. It is also referred as World of celestial spheres, connected with our soul since birth to death. According to experts, it’s populated by spirits, angels, and beings of other world. In late 20th century, astral term was popularized by neo-Rosicrucianism and Theosophy.
Plato and Aristotle said that stars were made of a matter that’s different from early elements – A fifth element. In Astral Mysticism of classic world, our psyche is made of same material, which is why there is influence of stars on humans.
History and Early Research
Why there are 3 dimensions is a question that dates back to Greek period of “Aristotle” (384 to 322 B.C.E). He discussed the problem in his early research named “De Caelo”. A mathematician named “Ptolemy” also flourished the idea in 150 C.E. He is known to do research on 3-dimensional space. In his research he said there are not more than three dimensions. The idea that universe is shadowy illusion was first proposed by Plato in 370 B.C.E. As per Plato, behind the reality there is an unchanged world that casts show of material things. He became popular in 17th century; Henry More was first to call it fourth dimension in 1671, although he doesn’t meant dimension of space, instead location of Plato’s idea. After hundred years this term was used in mathematical sense by D’Alembert.

Researchers took Greek Neoplatonist accounts and similar materials from Zoroastrian and Hindu culture. Expositions of Ibn Sina and other were converted into Latin in Norman era. By the fourth century researchers were describing their journeys to astral plane.
A series of research was conducted on this topic, including Albert Einstein’s theory of Relativity in 1916. Which explained gravitational force in terms of acceleration by objects moving freely in 4-dimensional space time. Throughout the history, philosophers have discussed the idea of Astral Dimension on many occasions. After telescope made clear that there is no heaven outside solar system, the idea vanished from mainstream media.
Characteristics and Experiences
According to theories, Astral Dimension can be visited via Meditation, near death Experience, Astral Projection, or other means. Practitioners can separate their consciousness from the body at will.
In early Literature, the word “Astral” was refer to aether. Later, authors said Astral is finer than Etheric Plane and dense than mental plane. In order to unify view and remove Sanskrit, term Astral Body was used; it is sometimes referred as body of desire, illusion, and emotion.
As per Max Heindel’s Rosicrucian, desire can be said as force matter, in continuous motion and responsive towards feelings. It is home of Archangels. In higher regions of desire world, our thoughts take definite form and color; everything is made of light and there is only one day.
Robert Bruce, an author of astral projection describes it as seven planes which can take form of planar surfaces, and it is separate by a colored buffer zone. These planes are repeating Cartesian grids, having single pattern that is different from every plane. High planes are bright and colorful, while lower planes are dull. Every pattern acts as a portal to another kingdom, which comprises of separate realms.
Astral Travel is our induced consciousness; it happens in our sleep without us knowing about it. Your spiritual self, an existence that doesn’t involve your physical body, wonders into another dimension; it is believed that we unconsciously choose this dimension.
There are certain attributes to astral projection, you:

  • Are actually awake, though your physical body might appear to be sleeping.
  • Step outside of your body to have the experience. It isn’t just happening in your head, it is real.
  • You are aware of yourself
  • Can actually see your body with your own eyes, as a third person experience.
  • Start your journey from wherever your physical body is lying, and continue from there on.

What Experts say about Astral Dimension
According to a research survey, between 8% and 20% people have out of body experience at some point in life. A sensation of spirit or consciousness, also known as astral body, leaving the body is astral travel. Most of these experiences occur during sleep but some people may experience them while relaxing. As per a popular theory, astral body is always connected via metaphorical silver cord, which tethers consciousness to our body.
The idea that people can leave their bodies while they are dreaming is present since long. Many people believe that it is possible to communicate with higher intelligence through dreams and visions.
Astral Travel tell us that some people can fly above the planet, while others may leave their bodies and float around observing other people. Some may travel to past and future to observe events that happen in a different time.
Experts who practice it regularly say that astral dimension is safe and it holds no harm. Someone’s astral self can pass through barriers and walls, it can virtually travel anywhere thinkable. People can travel and do whatever they want, but nothing will change in reality.
Methods of Astral Projection
The intriguing question is, can you do it? Some people are gifted with the ability, others have learned the hard way. Years after years of practicing lucid dreaming, but in vain, to find the switch between the astral realm and the real world. Accomplished travelers say they manage to wake their mind up while letting their body to sleep peacefully. As you wake up, for a brief period your body is completely paralyzed. Don’t worry though; this is an essential inhibition to ensure your body doesn’t move about while dreaming. There might be a buzzing sound in your ears, this signifies your energy level. The louder the buzz, the stronger is your core. Concentrate on these vibrations. Try to increase them to a higher level so that you attain the required energy to break free of the entrapment of your physical body.
Once you have attained the specific quantum amount, just stretch forward as you would normally do to literally step out of your physical self. This is where the astral realm begins. Once you step out of your body, remember, you took all of your consciousness with you. So now you, as a person, are the astral traveler while the body lying in your bed is just a vessel. Here you have the liberty to explore as much as you dare, connected to your body via a life line called The Silver Cord. This is much like the umbilical cord, but connects your astral form to your body. It might tug and pull at first, however, the further you go from your physical vessel the weaker becomes the connection. Once your expeditions are over, all you have to do is think of your body and snap! You are back in.

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