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Are We Ensouled? Where is Consciousness Located?

 Are We Ensouled? Where is Consciousness Located?

What is human consciousness, where does it reside? Are we ensouled, and what is the difference between soul, spirit, and consciousness. Is it confined to the physical body and the brain? Lab experiments, suggest for some observers that consciousness may extend far beyond the physical brain, which it may travel through time and space itself. If consciousness exists outside the boundaries of current scientific and natural law, there a chance that it may survive the death of the brain itself.
According to the parapsychologist, the rethinking of the most basic questions in survival research is largely responsible for the lack of activity in the field in recent decades. New ideas are being formulated; the testing must come later. If the root concept of the new thinking proves promising-if the soul seems indeed to be some impersonal part of a cosmic continuum. Many of the fields’ founders saw it as a purely spiritual entity, separable from the body, capable of surviving and bearing the essence of personality. They sought the soul through evidence, that certain individual personalities survived death. The search venue in those days was more apt to be an séance room than a laboratory.
These old pursuits have not vanished. Even as new ideas are proposed and pondered, many modern parapsychologists continue to visit mediums, to investigate hauntings and apparitions, to study and comment on decades-old cases in hopes of unearthing new truths. But these efforts have diminished. Arrant fraud among mediums discouraged many researchers. Others were put off by the anecdotal nature of the best survival evidence and the inability to make that evidence conform to the empirical standards of science. Still others were disheartened by the persistent failure, despite years of honest effort, to produce concrete, controllable, repeatable results. And lacking such results, funding for parapsychology projects has grown ever more scarce.

Where does life begin & end?

Just as scientists and philosophers have never conclusively determined what life is when it begins or ends. When is a body “ensouled”? – At what moment does it contain the soul? Does the soul, or the essence of life depart when the body dies? Medical and religious thinkers through the ages have maintained that fetal movement in the womb indicates the start of life. But modern medical science has teamed to measure a subtler kind electrical activity of the brain. Rudimentary brain activity can be detected when an embryos eight weeks old. Electrical activity in, the cerebrum the area of consciousness, begins during the Fetus’s sixth month. Some doctors see the milestone as the beginning of self-awareness.
We exist in a system where our beliefs are conditioned to accept their reality.  It is the physical, five-senses, that define our world. We are living in an ensouled universe, one, which our consciousness seems, trapped within a physical body. The question of whether it is a “living person” is still open to debate. For generations, doctors looked for signs of breathing and heartbeat to tell whether someone was still alive. Today “brain Death,” the cessation of electrical signals’ in the brain, is widely seen as the end of life. But even this is subject to interpretation. Some doctors include the term “cognitive death”. In which intellect, memory, speech, and self-awareness are gone, although the brain is still capable of functions(breathing, sleeping, and digestive). So when does the moment of death actually arrive? Is it with cardiovascular death, with the loss of all brain function, or with the loss of self-awareness?
There is no moment of death, only the transfer of energy.

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  1. Ashley

    A thought that just came to me as I was reading this article, maybe possibly the spirits we sense or see here on this physical plane are people who are cognitively dead? So people who are brain dead but still have a beating heart and are in a coma and are lost ??

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