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The Best Astral Projection Routine

The Best Astral Projection Routine

One of the top factors to achieving astral projection is desire. Having the will power and commitment to achieve a projection is a constant obstacle for beginners. You must have the desire to project so strongly within you that it produces a will, which in turn creates stress from that desire. Controlling your will to project the astral body is one of the biggest secrets of projecting. It’s a process of imagination plus will power to do which you can never force it. The instant you try to force passive will, it becomes active will and will distract from the goal of projection. That determined will, which we have in the dead night, conscious but drowsy, is the will which promotes the projection of the astral body.  The stress convinces the subconscious mind that the visions you imagine concerning astral projection are possible.
This mindset is important using the next technique that is known as the best and most successful astral projection technique. This technique is more about the routine than the actual technique itself.
*Use no effort of will during the exercises; just allow your thoughts and imagination to take their course, and fall to sleep again during the process.



Suggest to yourself, on retiring, that you will henceforth awaken at three o’clock every night. If you do not awaken on your own, use an alarm clock until you can form the habit of awakening at the proper time. You can move into another room or resting position. Lie awake, conscious but drowsy, and allow your passive will to work upon the desire to have an astral projection. For around thirty minutes use thought and imagination exercises that create a separation of your astral and physical bodies. Use no effort of will during the exercises; just allow your thoughts and imagination to take their course, and fall to sleep again during the process. Continue this routine night after night until the habit of doing so is firmly established. After several nights in succession, you will begin to have experiences around this hour in the morning. Awaken each night successively and focus using the passive will so strong that you can then produce a projection consciously from the imagination exercises.
If you believe that you have prepared your mind  with the desire to project, and if your belief is correct, one of the following things should occur:
1. You dream of a projection of the astral body. 
2. Become lucid during a dream.
3. You awaken in the night with the desire in your mind to try to astral project.
4. You experience a conscious projection.


-Exert your passive will upon your desire. Use your imagination and rise to the influence of this desire.
-Try multiple imagination methods for causing the separation of the astral body when you reach a certain mental state.

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  1. Sway

    I have just recently started my spiritual journey, and man. It’s as if a flame was lit. I can’t control these cravings to project or to meditate, they’re literally overriding any emotion I have. This site is really informative, and I hope it will help me achieve projecting. Thank you!

  2. Daron

    im really trying but i cannot lucid dream. any tips or an easy technique to start off with (i have a journal i dont usually remember dreams till the half of the day at school)(and i know all the basics and normal techniques such as wild mild and other good stuff) i do not hesitate to wake up at night and im not afraid of sleep paralysis. any help would be much appreciated.

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