Jun 20

Behind the Astral?

Behind The Astral

Science has confirmed a multi-dimensional universe but how many of these universes are we able to experience? During near death and out of body experiences people describe events happening in another place unlike our physical universe. When we die, where does our consciousness go? Where is the spirit or soul located in our body? Is the Astral dimension more like an extra sense or another place?
The goal of Theastral.com is to create a source of community of scientific explorers and paranormal experiences. The website provides information and projects on parapsychology. Outside researchers can submit research to be posted on the website. This gives researchers an ability to reach new audiences and create progress for their project.  A forum is included so users can communicate interdisciplinary methods in conducting research for controlled lab experiments and field research projects. By providing research with an open platform of communication the possibility of discovering new information will increase.
Behind every person is a quest for the meaning to life. 

The Astral Poster

Astral Poster


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  1. andy Lopez

    Great website and great work getting started.
    I would love to work with this website.
    How do I get started?
    p.s you can see my website
    look past the gardening

  2. Keefer

    I have some experience with lucid dreaming and astral projection. My projections fit into several categories in my mind, as they don’t always follow the same structure. Sometimes the body I have is gold on the border and other times I am but a perspective floating about. This must be a lack of form and I’m unsure if I’ve ever astraly projected, but I know that my remote viewing yeilds real results and not just a clever fabrication of my preconcious mind. I’m wanting to learn how to astral project and I think we as a community should form a set of guidelines for diet and substance uses for the practice.
    P.s. I got most of my stuff from esoteric teachings and magick practice.

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