Project Science was created to expand consciousness on the science of experiences with the wisdom of experimental results. In self exploration we rely on a variety of methods – scientific, intuitive, emotional. Science is open for collective experiments and experiences. Project Science was created to expand awareness in the study of consciousness and different human experiences. Users can actively participate in a project, become a co-researcher, and provide feedback and improvements to design or develop it. The projects have an open forum to investigate and discover new methodologies and promote that research on


Astral Projects

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    June 24, 2017

    Near-Death Experience as related to the out-of-body experience During a near-death experience many claim to have similar experiences to those...

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    May 18, 2017

    Have you seen the Marvel movie, Dr. Strange? If you are familiar with near-death, out-of-body experiences, and astral projection you...

  • Is There a Mind Science?
    March 28, 2017

    We have created a vast system of science which help us to attain the most knowledge we possibly can. We have mathematics, chemistry,...

  • Where Does an OBE Take Place?
    March 27, 2017

    In reviewing hundreds of personal reports, there are many similar characteristics in the experiences of NDE’s and OBE’s. After looking at...