Meet The Astral

The Astral operates at the confluence of the unexplained and the tangible, merging interests in UFO phenomena, astral projection, remote viewing, and CE-5 initiatives with a creative career in music, video production, and event coordination within the UFO and psychic exploration communities.

About The Astral

With a foundation rooted in a deep-seated fascination with the cosmos and the capacities of human consciousness, The Astral has dedicated significant effort to studying and participating in the realms of UFO research and psychic phenomena. This journey is not just about seeking; it’s about understanding and connecting on a profound level with the mysteries that surround us.

Creative Expressions

Music and video production serve as key outlets for The Astral, allowing for the translation of complex, often intangible experiences into accessible and engaging formats. The innovative fusion of hip-hop and rap with themes of consciousness and the cosmos invites audiences into a unique auditory experience, while video projects aim to visually articulate the mysteries of the extraterrestrial and metaphysical.

Community Engagement

Recognizing the importance of shared exploration and dialogue, The Astral is active in social media and event coordination, bringing together individuals with similar curiosities and questions about the unknown. These platforms and gatherings are seen not just as opportunities for dissemination but as forums for collective discovery and learning.

Contributions and Collaborations

In the pursuit of bridging the gap between the known and the unknown, The Astral is involved in research development and the creation of events that aim to foster a deeper understanding of UFO and psychic phenomena. These efforts are geared toward facilitating meaningful conversations, collaborations, and exchanges within the community, contributing to a broader comprehension and appreciation of these complex subjects.

The Essence

The Astral embodies a blend of exploration, creativity, and community, offering insights and experiences that encourage a deeper dive into the mysteries of the universe and our own consciousness. Through music, visual storytelling, social engagement, and event organization, The Astral seeks to not only explore these enigmatic realms but also to share these journeys with others, inviting all to question, learn, and connect more deeply with the world around and within us.