The Astral explores exceptional experiences and paranormal phenomena, such as, near-death experiences, extrasensory perception (ESP), lucid dreaming, and more. Users can contribute to scientific knowledge of parapsychology. In addition, you will learn more about psychic phenomena and abilities.

Are you interested in the idea of the soul and the afterlife? What brings us together is our connection to everything in the Universe. To advance our understanding of human consciousness is to the benefit of all humanity. These projects, ideas, and experiences are used to expand the knowledge of human nature, experience, and the relationship to our environment.

Lucid dreams, near-death, out of body experiences, and astral projection are all related. As are clairvoyance, telepathy, PK, and other Psi phenomena. The includes all these subjects and more to give you the knowledge, ideas, and inspiration to explore the “other side” for yourself. Personal experience will shake off limitations and change the nature of reality. Psi dreaming methods, Astral projection techniques, Research methods, Healing practices, are reviewed and discussed on this site. Research Library, and the preservation of information in the field of Parapsychology.

Every one of those people had the ability to actually set foot in a strange, if different, new world–one that has been called “the astral plane.”.

Robert Peterson

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein