Using your intuition, the creation of ideas into physical form is your thought that looks into the future to manifest itself into what it “could” become. The wisdom of visionary people is unfinished thoughts of the past with the vision of the future. There is an ability within our genes and it knows a vision to create the future.
Creation is using your intuition and attention to place existence on your thoughts. We have the power of imagination which enables us to alter the course of the future. Your imagination is only limited by the amount of proportion and degree of attention. A thought produces energy that can be transformed into material form. Our thoughts are possibilities that come into existence through the process of creation.
Features of creative intuition:

-An awakening moment, of new ideas and possibilities.
-A motivation to bring an idea to fruition.
-Striving to share your idea, insight, or vision.
-Seeking out inspiration in personal interests

Imagination is the beginning to creativity. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imaging; and last you create what you will.

George Bernard Shaw

The Whole of creation exists in you and it is your destiny to become increasingly aware of its infinite wonders and to experience ever greater and grander portions of it.