Lucid Dreaming

Meditation and Dream Reliving
An Exercise for Inducing Greater Awareness and Responsiveness in Dreams
by Dr. G. Scott Sparrow

Based on the previous research done in the field of lucid dream induction, Dr. G. Scott Sparrow put together a distillation of a technique that has proven effective in helping people induce lucid dreams. Dream Reliving was first tested in the dissertation study by Sparrow (1983), and found significantly more effective than merely trying to have a lucid dream without employing this method. Again, in a more recent study (Sparrow, Thurston & Carlson, 2013), it was found to significantly increase dreamer reflectiveness and constructive responses during dreaming.
There are multiple steps to this study including dream recall, meditation, scheduled wake-ups, dream recording, and a supplement.  The goal to me essentially is the see if there is an increase in my dream recording or lucidity by following the steps in this study. My mindset going in will be to become lucid and to increase my lucidity. I’ll also increase my reading on the lucid dreaming during the research. There will be 5 different instructions for each night represented for which I will review.
An example of the instructions are:

  • Set off your alarm 4 hours before going to bed
  • Before going to bed recall a dream in which the result could have been better or had a more desirable outcome
  • Meditate, and focus on that dream and experiencing it again for 15 minutes
  • Repeat affirmation “I wish to be more aware and responsive in my dreams tonight

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