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The Astral is an investigation into the Astral dimension, Parapsychology and scientific exploration. Discuss, design, and develop research projects. This website includes topics on astral projection, ESP, lucid dreaming, healing, PK, and survival. Visitors can provide feedback to create revisions, additions, and response theories that become interactive and important to the projects.

TheAstral.com consists of informative pages such as History, Contact Methods, and Project Science. It also contains interactive pages such as Astral Projects, Creative Intuition, and Search for Psi, where researchers can submit their projects to be posted. Users become co-researchers and develop new methodologies in exploring the projects. It includes case studies, research projects and experiments with an interactive online interface.

TheAstral.com looks to investigate and discover new paranormal methodologies and promote the research to the general public. This site provides an informative and interactive place for explorers in parapsychology. Topics of interest include: astral projection, ESP, lucid dreams, healing, PK, and survival. The goal of Theastral.com is to create a source of information and projects on parapsychology. This site posts authentic & repeatable experiments, and by providing research with an open platform of communication the possibility of discovering new information on each project will increase.

Contact Methods

Expand conscious awareness through light, energy, and the power of thought.

We Are Earth

Our most important connection is to Earth, our home.

Project Science

An open forum of investigation into Parapsychology and scientific exploration.

Creative Intuition

Our life is just one big idea. Think, imagine, and create your future.

Astral Projects

Search for Psi

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